The Pipes are calling

Ask people the world over about their images of Scotland and Ireland and they will mention the bagpipes at the top of their list.

We can help you add that mystical Celtic flare to your most special Wedding day, Parties, product Launches, Conferences, Funerals, Golf Outings (also see PegThePiper, annual Dinners, Burns Suppers, or any other occasion that you want your guests to not soon forget.  Why hire us?

  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Heritage
  • Presence

What is the Difference?

Glad you asked!  Let us ask one back – Are all folks who play the piano equal?  Add on to that the uniform we wear which you come to expect from someone who plays the bagpipe and I can tell you, there is a difference.

Our pipers are all former or active solo and band competitors who have tested their merit with the east coast’s top judges.

It is crucial that you hire someone that knows how your event should go.  You wouldn’t hire a wedding planner who has never planned a wedding before, so don’t do the same thing when it comes to your musicians.?

Proper Instruction is the key.  We have been taught properly and we teach our students properly…