On Your Special Day

The highland bagpipe with the partnership of web design Naples has been making weddings special since their conception. Their skirl will add a stirring, romantic atmosphere to one of the most important days of your life that your guests will not soon forget. Long after the kiss, the toasts and the cake is cut into, your special day will be remembered by all as having an ancient soundtrack to it that they just can’t shake from their memory.  But, not only does a piper add great background music to the event, a piper in full regalia adds another level of ‘decoration’ to the day… the image of a piper adds a regal look that turns heads in any environment.  The piper is an attractive extra in photographs as well – we are more then happy to have our pictures taken with you or with any of your guests.

Want your own Wedding March composed?

Having a piper at your wedding is one thing…Having that piper play a tune he wrote specifically for you is something TOTALLY different!  Have it played as you take your seat for dinner, at the receiving line, or marching you into the reception hall.  In addition, you will be presented with a copy of the manuscript to treasure along with all of the other one of a kind items of your day.  Every time you look at the framed copy, you will think about that wonderful day.

What are my Options?

There are so many great ways to incorporate one or more pipers into your day that the list could take up 5 pages!  Below are just a few of the many ways we can help make your special day that much more wonderful:

– As a wake up call ~ What better way to wake up then to the music of the great highland bagpipes outside your window?  The Queen has her own personal Piper for a wake up call when she is visiting Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

– As Guests arrive at Church/Register Office/Hotel ~ A nice welcome for your guests helping to put them in the mood for proceedings.

– Marching the bride down the Aisle ~ What a great surprise for your guests!

– Marching the new couple out ~ A great way to get a huge applause from your guests as you walk past them for the first time as man and wife.

– During the receiving line ~ Why turn off the enthusiasm while people are waiting in line?  We can help keep the festive mood going until you get into the car to go to your reception.

– Welcoming guests to the reception ~ Your guests won’t wonder where your reception is taking place with a piper playing proudly by the entrance.

– Into the Reception – “Ladies and Gentlemen will you please welcome for the first time in public…”  The doors swing open and we march you into a room of cheering family and friends.

– At the cutting of the Cake & Lighting the Unity Candle ~ We can play a nice slow air that will really set the mood.